My Books

The list is short, but will slowly grow.

My Pagan World is a non-fiction. I've been a practicing pagan since 1985, and this book is pretty much my book of shadows. These are things I've learned, stories of real happenings, how to write a ritual, the reality of magic, and how to read mythology. This is my path, the stuff that works for me. Everyone will have their own way of doing things, once they have studied for a while and gotten to know their way around their pagan world. Visit the Intro page for more information.


Club Inanna: this is a group of scenes that are very much NC-17/X-Rated. They are kinky, with multiple-type parings, so if you are underage or just not into that kind of thing, don't read them. These stories are an alternate Earth, set in a 'House' called Club Inanna. Rooms are set up as different scene settings, and almost any kink can be had with one's partner/partners, or with an employee. Scenes will be add as they hit my brain. Scenes are separate short stories which can be purchased for $.99 on kindle or PDF. Links are attached next to each summary.
Dust Bunnies is a group of short stories that are silly, a child's nightmares, and whatever comes to mind. Free read online.
The Anunnaki Unification is Stargate fan fiction. This was originally published as two parts, Anunnaki and Unification, under which won a Best Series fan award, and has since been updated to take out most of the explicit smut, fixed a few mistakes in the canon, and added a few scenes to bring the stories together more closely. I got tired of the pagan gods being used so terribly, so I brought in the Sumerian Anunnaki to befriend Earth. The Stargate Project has been outted, and now General O'Neill and his team need to deal with the fall-out. This is in five parts in PDF. Donations are welcome.
White Picket Fences. An X-Files fan fiction that won fan awards with the Wire Rim Awards back in the early 2000s. Sometime during the final two seasons. I began learning to write with X-Files, and this series was the last of my X-Files stories. You'll find a few mistakes in the writing, which is a little more simplistic that my later stories, but enjoy. This is a free PDF.
Torchwood is a six-part story. Yes, there are explicit scenes. I didn't like Ianto dying, so I dealt with it in my own way. This is available for free online, not PDF. I can email it to you as PDF, if you want a portable version.
In Plain Sight is book 1 of The Gatekeepers, a fantasy story. Somehow the next book sort of disappeared from my head. It happens to all writers.