My Pagan World:
A Personal Discussion from a
Western Pagan on a Sumerian Path

by Michele Briere
Yes! I have finally completed my book on Sumerian Paganism!

This is my version of paganism, Sumerian-style. Not everyone will agree with me, but then, I'm not a reconstructionist. There are values, life lessons that I have learned, which speak to me as I read the myths, and the understanding that comes  to me through the Sumerian culture. This isn't new-age, there is no Sitchen, or any of his 'Nibru' nonsense. It is the sense of honor and duty, that speaks to me, it is the gods as elementals, that I see.

In this book, I discuss personal experiences and things I have learned on my pagan path, and I share them with you. There are funny stories, not so funny stories, and life lessons.

Set up in a syllabus format

These are set in an ascending order of proficiency.

At the end, there is

I hope you enjoy my book.
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