Club Inanna
Welcome to Club Inanna:
This is the first of many scenes, a Welcome to new-comers to Club Inanna, the rules, and Ms Claire's first appointment of the day, a new staff member with a slight behavioral problem.

Welcome to Club Inanna, where your kinks, fetishes, and fantasies are written to tickle your fancy.
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Glenda's Touch:
Ms Claire has a new staff member, a wide-eyed farm girl with hidden talents, and it's only Ms Glenda's touch that can relax Madam after the interview.
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A Little Silver on the Roof:
An older couple venture into Club Inanna, unsure of this new adventure in the twilight of their years, and two friendly staff members help them relax and enjoy themselves.
Stable Boy:
A man and his husband decide to play hard in the stables with a few men from the dungeon.
Learning the Hard Way:
A young woman signs up for a 48-hour 'tour of duty' at Club Inanna, and immediately insults a visiting Master. Ms Claire takes matters into her own hands.
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An eager young man wants to be part of Ms Claire's personal household staff. She sends him on an errand, and then puts his newly bought toys to good use when he returns.