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Enki is exalted and glorified as the all-wise, all-knowing leader of the gods, a wise counselor, a valuable friend, and generous benefactor of humankind, for whom he provides everything that is vital for well-being and prosperity. Enki is an expert master of the arts and crafts. Eloquent of speech, he pronounces the name of everything created. He is the king of the Abzu, the decreer of fates; the controller and distributor of the precious me (irrevocable, authoritative universal laws), the joy and terror of the seas and rivers; the lord of the land and the father of all the lands; the older brother of the gods. Foremost in all things, he is the one whose command is unquestioned.

(taken from 'Myths of Enki, The Crafty God', by Samuel Noah Kramer, Oxford University Press, 1989)

Trying to write a summary of who Enki is isn't possible. His story will fill books. The best book on him is an out of print book of which the title and author is right above this paragraph.

His aspect as magician is mostly late Babylonian, in his Babylonian image of the god Ea, so I'm going to leave that part out. Read his myths, and you'll start to get an inkling of just how deep he goes. Just remember -while he may seem like a drunk, foolish old man, at times, pay attention to the outcome of the story. Was he really being the fool, or was he teaching a lesson? I see him as the Sumerian equivalent of Coyote.

Enki is the most enigmatic god of the whole pantheon.

He is the son of Nammu, the great primordial Mother of the gods. His home is the abzu, the sweet underground ocean which the earth sits upon, and below the abzu is the underworld. As her son, his main aspects revolve around water, which may seem strange considering that his name translates as 'lord earth'.

He is lord of the earth, god of water, god of farmers, god of wisdom, and the god of magic. He is not a warrior; his 'battles' are almost always about cunning and magic.
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The square box around Enki indicates his underwater temple.