The Lapis Gates of Sumer
O Nanna, your crescent moon is called "the crescent moon of the seventh day".

O eastern house of Sumer, I will declare your greatness

O Suen, sage, majestic lord throughout heaven and earth, your crown is a majestic crown!
O Ašimbabbar who puts a terrifying radiance in heaven and earth!
May his hands be consecrated for him.
May they be consecrated like heaven for him, may they be made to shine like the earth for him.
May they be as resplendent as the centre of heaven for him.
May he lift his head with its crown of heaven and earth, the sacred crown.

Suen, the sage lord, majestic throughout heaven and earth, who perfects the pure dais,
Ašimbabbar who wears the diadem and just crown with majestic, shining horns, lifts his head.
Welcome to the rich, fascinating myths of Sumer. Have fun, roam, and remember to read the myths in the appropriate light: keep an open mind, remember that this is not the culture you grew up with, so you may not initially understand what is being said and why. Remember that these stories were written for a people that lived about 6000 years ago. If you have questions, email me. If I can't help, I will point you in a direction that may be able to help you.

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