Entering the Netherworld

May the palace provide clear water to me in
the forest where gur birds live.
Inside, where a great oven is lighted,
may it sprinkle clear water for me.
May its door, which is a courier,
stand open when I finish my journey.
May its bolt, which is a messenger,turn around for me.
May its crossbar be the Lama at my favorable
side that shines brightly on my right shoulder.
May its gate be proud because of me.
May Inanna be my vanguard.
May my god be my helper,may he go behind me.
May my gatekeeper bow down,
so that I might raise my neck on high!
In the shrine of Enki, Asari in his Abzu
will not be able to loose (this spell),
since Nanše is at my side.

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