Asarluhi A
august words. Enki has named you with the name Id-lu-rugu


Bau A
Let us …… praise (?) you, the beneficent protective goddess of Bau.


The great prince Enki, …… heaven and earth


A small demon opened his mouth and said to the big demon, "Come on, let's go to the lap of holy Inana

His heart was full of tears as he went out into the countryside.

Maiden, the cattle-pen ……; maiden Inana, the sheepfold ……. …… bending in the furrows

my ... my lacerated eyes … my lacerated nose ……. …… my beaten ……. …… my hasty
(See INANNA for the Inanna-Dumuzi texts)

General topics

In those ancient days, when the good destinies had been decreed,

(Silver (?) speaks:) "Powerful with huge arms, does he have any rival?

The Tamarisk opened his mouth and spoke. He addressed the Date Palm

Ud-ul-uru (Old man cultivator) gave advice to his son:

My fish, I have built you a home

I will ...... the perishing of my mankind; for Nintud, I will stop the annihilation of my creatures, and I will return the people from their dwelling grounds.

Men used to eat grass with their mouths like sheep.

What do they say in the reed-beds whose growth is good

Not only did the lord make the world appear in its correct form

When, upon the hill of heaven and earth

The abba instructed, the abba instructed:

An lifted his head in pride and brought forth a good day.


In those days, in the days when heaven and earth were created

Grandiloquent lord of heaven and earth, self-reliant, Father Enki

After the water of creation had ben decreed,

Pure are the cities -- and you are the ones to whom they are allotted. Pure is Dilmun land

In those days, in the days when heaven and earth were created; in those nights

. She …… of the desert. She put the šu-gura, the desert crown, on her head


Enlil A
Enlil's commands are by far the loftiest, his words 

Nam-zid-tara walked by Enlil, who said to him: "Where have you come from, Nam-zid-tara

There was a city, there was a city -- the one we live in.

she was faithfully sitting (?) on ......, admirable and full of charms.


Anu made his voice heard and spoke, he addressed his words to Kakka

The great house is as great as a mountain


May the fury of my lord's heart be quieted toward me !

Nintur was paying attention:

The princely lord, the princely lord came forth from the house

They are lying down, the Great Ones

O E-unir (House which is a ziqqurat), grown together with heaven and earth


He who has seen everything, I will make known (?) to the lands

Envoys of Aga, the son of En-me-barage-si, came from Kiš to Gilgameš 

I will sing the song of the man of battle, the man of battle. I will sing the song of Lord Gilgameš

…… hero …… has lain down and is never to rise again. …… has lain down and is never to rise again.
Version A
Now the lord once decided to set off for the mountain where the man lives; Lord Gilgameš
Version B
So come on now, you heroic bearer of a sceptre of wide-ranging power! Noble glory of the gods, angry bull standing ready for a fight! Young Lord Gilgameš

In those days, in those distant days, in those nights, in those remote nights, in those years


Hendursaga A
Hendursaga, you have great divine powers, more than anyone could require.


Dumuzid-Inana A

The brother speaks gently to his sister, Utu speaks gently to his sister, he speaks tenderly to holy Inana
Dumuzid-Inana B
"My dearest, my dearest, my dearest, my darling, my darling, my honey of her own mother
Dumuzid-Inana C
My sister, what have you been doing in the house? Little one, what have you been doing in the house
Dumuzid-Inana D
As I was strolling, as I was strolling, as I was strolling …… the house, as I was strolling, he caught sight of my Inana
Dumuzid-Inana E
He has sprouted, he has burgeoned, he is well-watered lettuce, my shaded garden of the desert, richly flourishing
Dumuzid-Inana F
I, the queen, will look with wonder at the foliage. I, Inana, will gaze at the open foliage
Inanna A
Great fierce storm, ...... radiance! Inana, emitting fearsomeness and radiance in battle
Inanna B
Queen of all the ME, Radiant Light,
Inanna C
The great-hearted mistress, the impetuous lady, proud among the Anuna gods and pre-eminent in all lands, the great daughter of Suen
Inanna D
Great light, heavenly lioness, always speaking words of assent! 
Inanna E
Lady whom Ningal has joyously made attractive with beauty
Inanna F
My father gave me the heavens and he gave me the earth.
Inanna G
When I go, when I go -- the mighty queen who
Inanna H
Worthy of An, ......, ...... unsurpassed in ladyship
Inanna I
When I ...... as I travel by boat, when I ...... as I travel by boat, when I, the queen, journey to the abzu

From the great heaven she set her mind on the great below.

I, also, would like to celebrate

In the first days, in the very first days,

She …… of the desert. She put the šu-gura, the desert crown, on her head

Lady, you who wander among sweet-voiced cows and gentle-voiced calves in the cattle-pen; young woman, no sooner will you arrive there, Inana,

She can make the lament for you, my Dumuzid

They filled the bronze vessels to the brim

I say, "Hail!" to the Holy One who appears in the heavens! 

Lady ......! Returning heroic youth, Inana ....... At the shrine, in Nibru, in the E-dul-kug

The mistress who, having all the great divine powers, deserves the throne-dais

E-ana comes forth from heaven
Dumuzid-Inana B1
It was in the days of abundance, it was in the nights of plenty; it was in the months of luxuriance, it was in the years of rejoicing.
Dumuzid-Inana C1
Ninegala, your wedding ushers are lords
Dumuzid-Inana D1
The …… of E-temen-ni-guru, the organisation of the house of Eridug, the radiance of the house of Suen
Dumuzid-Inana J
"…… beloved sister of Dumuzid, beloved …… of Durtur, …… seed implanted into the womb
Dumuzid-Inana P
 I gazed over all the people, and chose Dumuzid as god of the Land
Dumuzid-Inana R
Maiden, glossy mane, lovely beauty, Inana, glossy mane, lovely beauty
Dumuzid-Inana T
…… he who cools, who cools ……. He who uproots the grass for holy Inana,
Dumuzid-Inana W
May my sheep eat my …… which is growing in the fields, my plants, my camel-thorn.
Dumuzid-Inana Y
(Utu speaks:) "Our brother-in-law, the daytime will pass; our brother-in-law, night will come.

If it were not for our mother, he would be chasing me along the dark

Inanna placed the shugurra, the crown of the steppe, on her head. 


Kusu A
O angry great butting bull! O torch! O great bull of Enki


Lugalbanda lies idle in the mountains, in the faraway places; he has ventured into the Zabumountains

When in ancient days heaven was separated from earth, when in ancient days that which was fitting ……, when after the ancient harvests …… barley was eaten


Martu A
Hero, august youth, who completely controls the distant mountains as far as their borders


Nanna A
How many there are! How many cows there are!
Nanna B
(Ningal speaks:) "I …… for the
Nanna C
O eastern (?) house of Sumer
Nanna D
They are as numerous, as numerous as the grasses which break through the earth
Nanna E
Princely son, you are radiant as you come forth from the sacred bathing chamber
Nanna F
The lord has burnished (?) the heavens; he has embellished the night
Nanna G
Nanna, ……, lord, son of Enlil
Nanna H
Righteous lord who determines destiny!
Nanna I
My king …… in his reed marshes. He …… in the silent
Nanna J
Lord, glory of heaven, suited to ……, Nanna
Nanna K
As remote as heaven, …… as the earth
Nanna L
Princely son, respected one in heaven spreading amply over the high mountains
Nanna M
Princely lord ……, great lord of heaven
Nanna N
…… that fills the holy heavens, an adept (?) exuding radiance
Nanna O
An, Enlil, Enki and Nin?ursa?a treat you with deserved affection in your place of creation.

O Lord, hero of the gods,

The heroic Nanna-Suen fixed his mind on the city of his mother.


Nanshe B
A fish is held in her hand as a staff

There is a city, there is a city whose powers are apparent. Nijin is the city whose powers are apparent

The pelican (?) came forth from the holy reedbeds


Nergal B and O
Hero, majestic, awe-inspiring son of Enlil,
Nergal C
Lord who inspires awe in heaven and on earth, who is resplendent in the Land

“Nibruta-lu, the son of the merchant Lugal-šuba, has had this tin ax made for Nergal.”


Ninazu A
O king, you are the …… shepherd of the city which thrives like cattle


Ningishzida A-D
Hero, lord of field and meadow
Ningishzida B-D
Lord with holy dignity, imbued with great savage awesomeness

Arise and get on board, arise, we are about to sail, arise and get on board


Ninimma A
You are the seal-holder of the treasury of the


Ninisina A
who has taken her seat on an exalted dais
Ninisina B-E
(fragments B thru E)


The gakkul vat, the gakkul vat! The gakkul vat
Ninkasi A
Given birth by the flowing water ......, tenderly cared for by Ninhursaja


Ninlil, comprehensively replete with numerous divine powers


Ninshubur A B
Lady, good seed of the Land, minister of An


Lugal-nesa?e the son of Zuzu, the master-scribe of Nibru, has fashioned for Nintinuga his messenger (?) dog Tuni-lu-sag


“Lady Aruru of the house Keš, born in the mountains, the pure place!”


Ninurta A
warrior, the lordly son of Enlil, Ninurta, the fierce bull, fit to be a prince
Ninurta B
The hero …… coming forth from the E-kur
Ninurta C
lordly son of Enlil, ....... ......, hero who appears in glory,
Ninurta D
I will fell trees, I will strike down forests. Let my mother know it. I, Ninurta, will fell trees
Ninurta F
Good semen, good seed, King chosen by Enlil
Ninurta G
King, your headdress hangs loose upon your neck

O King, storm of majestic splendour, peerless Ninurta

On the day when in heaven and earth the fates had been decided, Lagaš raised its head high

Created like An, O son of Enlil, Ninurta, created like Enlil,

ellu mallu! Go, oxen, go, put your necks under the yoke

At his command your weapon struck me evilly.

The son of the king of inhabited places


Nisaba A
Lady coloured like the stars of heaven,
Nisaba B
…… is destroyed. …… is destroyed. It is destroyed. …… of Nisaba is destroyed


House, furious storm of heaven and earth, battering its enemies


Nuska A and B


The wild bull with brindled thighs, whose house is noble


The just woman dwelling among the great divine powers is the lady unsurpassed in ladyship


Shulpae A
Hero, who shines forth like moonlight over the upper city!


Utu B
Emerging …… below and gazing upwards, Utu, great physician
Utu E
Whoever has eaten good bread has also drunk good beer
Utu F
Youthful Utu ……, calf of the wild cow, calf of the wild cow

Various stories and odes to the gods of Sumer. The vast majority of these texts were taken from the Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Liturature.   I highly recommend a visit. In fact, I highly recommend bookmarking it. There are a great deal many more texts there, I only took a handful. The transliterations of these texts are also on their site, if you want to see them in romanised Sumerian.

Many of the deities listed are local deities, so they may have only one or two stories. If you are unsure of the imagery in the texts, please don't hesitate to send me an email or jump onto my Facebook page and ask me. Things like the 'cows' of Nanna is not as silly as it sounds; the 'cows' and other herd animals of the moon god refer to the stars and planets. Calling someone your 'lettace' isn't comparing them to a salad, it means they are succulent. Juicy. Remember that these are myths of a desert people, so 'juicy' is a very good thing. Keep perspective in mind when reading.
Myths, Praises and Hymns to the Gods of Sumer
27-35He (Enki (?)) approaches the maiden Nisaba in prayer. He has organised pure food-offerings; he has opened up Nisaba's house of learning, and has placed the lapis-lazuli tablet on her knees, for her to consult the holy tablet of the heavenly stars. In Aratta he has placed E-zagina at her disposal. You have built up Erec in abundance, founded from little ...... bricks, you who are granted the most complex wisdom! 36-50In the abzu, the great crown of Eridug, where sanctuaries are apportioned, where elevated ...... are apportioned -- when Enki, the great princely farmer of the awe-inspiring temple, the carpenter of Eridug, the master of purification rites, the lord of the great en priest's precinct, occupies E-engur, and when he builds up the abzu of Eridug; when he takes counsel in Hal-an-kug, when he splits with an axe the house of boxwood; when the sage's hair is allowed to hang loose, when he opens the house of learning, when he stands in the street of the door of learning; when he finishes (?) the great dining-hall of cedar, when he grasps the date-palm mace, when he strikes (?) the priestly garment with that mace, then he utters seven ...... to Nisaba, the supreme nursemaid:

51-55"O Nisaba, good woman, fair woman, woman born in the mountains (1 ms. has instead: by the mountains)! Nisaba, may you be the butter in the cattle-pen, may you be the cream in the sheepfold, may you be keeper of the seal in the treasury, may you be a good steward in the palace, may you be a heaper up of grain among the grain piles and in the grain stores!" 56-57Because the Prince Enki cherished Nisaba, O father Enki, it is sweet to praise you!

(From Nisaba A)

Although the Gilgamesh stories are included here, he is not a deity. His stories are important, though, because they have a direct baring on the world-view of late Sumer early Babylon.
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